The Difference Between 14 Karat Gold and 18 Karat Gold Jewelry

Ever wonder what other metals are used to make yellow gold, rose gold and white gold jewelry? Gold is a pricey metal that is too soft to make jewelry with alone. In fact, it is the most malleable metal known to mankind. Gold comes in varying levels of purity, starting with 10 Karat and going all the way up to 24 Karat. Paring Gold with harder metals allows the alloy to keep its shape while making it more durable for everyday wear and tear. Here's a list of the not-so-precious elements that are used to make a lot of the Demi-fine / high street jewelry we see in the market today.

18K Yellow Gold = 75% gold, with copper, silver, zinc and/or cobalt

14K Yellow Gold = 58.5% gold, 33% copper, 5.5% silver and 3% zinc

18K White Gold = 75% gold, with copper, nickel, zinc and/or palladium

14K White Gold = 58.5% gold, 24% copper, 9% zinc and 9% nickel

18K Rose Gold = 75% gold, 25% copper and silver

14K Rose Gold = 58.5% gold, 41.5% copper and silver

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