"If I could scream to the world how much this product really works, I swear I would. I struggled with severe sensitivity to costume jewelry all of my life. If it wasn't 14k+ gold, pure silver or if it contained nickel, I was in trouble. If it wasn't my ear piercing becoming infected and inflamed from wearing fake earrings, it was my fingers left with itchy inflamed blisters tracing the exact place where I had worn a $15 ring that I thought was really cute when I bought it but not cute just a few hours after wearing it. Aside from my own personal skin reactions to the jewelry I had worn, I also experienced the green ring print that I'm sure everyone else has experienced with costume jewelry. I finally gave up on the cute costume jewelry and spent my money on real, more expensive gold and pure silver jewelry to spare myself the heartache. THEN came Tarnish Me Not!!! I could not believe my eyes or my skin. With only ONE application, I was able to wear cute earrings that contained nickel for more than a MONTH (without tarnish me not I wouldn't last four hours) and to my shock--no pain, no blisters, no inflammation, no bleeding, no redness, no green skin nor tarnished jewelry! Its a miracle solution and I'm so thankful for it because now I can buy those cute earrings which don't cost me an arm and a leg. The best part about this product is that a little goes a long way and it's more than affordable!"


"Absolutely love this product! I was never able to wear earrings unless they were (at least) 14 karat Gold. I purchased Tarnish-Me-Not about four or five months ago and it has truly been life changing. I am finally able to wear earrings that are composed of any type of metal without any reaction. For example, I have been wearing the same pair of earrings for approximately 3-months straight. This was something I was NEVER able to do prior to discovering Tarnish-Me-Not. In the past, I wouldn't be able to wear these exact earrings for any more than an hour."




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